The Fillipino and the Drunkard

This text is about the drunkard who dislike the small well-dressed Filipinoand who didn’t want Filipino to crowd among white people.

The story begins with the drunkard’s description. Both his appearance and his emotional state. He wasn’t rich as he wasn’t well-dressed. He wore just the brown camel-hair coat. Besides he was drunk and to underline it the author uses here the epithet “loud-mouthed guy”. That he took a sudden dislike to the small well-dressed Filipino wasn’t the fact he was really mean. No, he was just drunk.

Well, as I said there was a crowd of people who were waiting to get on the board and cross the bay to Oakland.

He couldn’t just understand how he, who fought two years in France and who had been wounded twice in the war, could live so.

And such fellows as the Filipino are the best-dressed men in San Francisco who make their money by washing dishes. He thought it was unjustly.

Among the crowd were the small Filipino whom he disliked at once and began to order him around the waiting room.

He wanted him to get back and not to crowd among white people. And even began swearing at him. And to show the atmosphere of all the happening things. The author uses a comparison “He swore a lot… a lot of Cadies had to imagine they were deaf and weren’t hearing any of the things he was saying…”

The Filipino was so frightened that he had nothing to do except fleeing from the drunkard. So he moved swiftly among the people looking about for a place to mind and rushed into the lavatory.

The drunkard entered the lavatory where he swore more freely and when he came to the compartment where the boy was standing he began swearing and demanding that the boy come out.

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