Tenses (section 2)

1. When I was a little boy I (1) had a passion for maps. I looked for hours at South America and Africa and (2) lost myself in the glories of exploration. At that time there were many blank spaces on the earth, and when I saw one that (3) looked particulary inviting on a map I would put my finger on it and say, «When I (4) grow up I will go there.»

2. One of the greatest advences in modern technology (1)has been the invention of computers. They help us, fascinate us and ocassionally scare us. The latest fear (2) conserens children and computers. Some expects claim that brothers and sisters (3) are starting to play more with one another.

3. The giant panda is probably the most valuable and popular zoo animal. They (1) live in the mountains of Western China. About 1000 giant pandas still survive in the wild, but only few were ever seen alive outside China. In 1961 it (2) was adoped as the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund and the panda (3) has becomes a fimilar sight on T-shirts, badges and car sticers since then.

4. According to tradition, the first American Thanksgiving (1) was celebrated in 1621 by the Engish Pligrams who (2) had fouded the Plymouth Colony. The Pligrims marked the occason by feasting with their Native American guests who (3) brought gifts of food as a gesture of goodwill.

5. Dear Sir,
I (1) am writing to complain abouth the service I recceived when I (2) was staying at your hotel last week. Your receptionist was extremely rude. Also I had some problems with my room.
It faced the main road and cold and extremely noisy. When I arrived at the restaurant at half past ten I (3) was toldthat I (4) wouldn’t be able to have breakfast. Expect to hear from you by return, twelling me what you (5) intendto do to compensate me for a thoroughly unpleasant week at your hotel.
John Smith.

6. Steve, do you see the young man standing at hte cash desk? He works as an assistant in the same shop as I do. Well, I (1) saw him the other day and he (2) was driveing a big black Mercedes. And do you see the expensive clothes he (3) is wearing? A month ago he (4) didn’t have a penny. I told you about the burgaly that we (5) had at the shop last Monday, didn’t? Do you think I should go to the police.

7. I must have fallen asleep while I (1) was workingbecause it took me a long time to realize that the telephone was ringing. It was Sarah, my girl-friend. She said, «Don’t you remember that we (2) are going  to the cinema tonight? »
I suddenly remembered that she (3) had been given some tickets for the first performance of a new film. I said, «By the time I get there, the film (4) would have started. Let’s go out to dinner instead.» «You are a nuisance,» she said, «I needn’t have accepted the tickets.»

8. Two George Washington Bridge security guards, photographed sleeping on the job, (1) had fired according to the Port Authotity of New York and New Jersey. A bicicle tour operator who (2) commutes daily over the bridge from New Jersey to New York snapped photos of the two guards on different occasions, and the photos (3)  have published on a New Jersey local news Web site.

9. I could never have guessed what (1) would happen that winter evening, two years ago. Outside it (2) had been snowed heavily and the house was cold. I was alone and I (3) would watch TV all evening, when the doorbell rang.

10.  A lady arrived late at the concert and the man at the door (1) won’t let her in. «I (2) am not disturbing anybody. I’ll stand in the black and nobody (3) has noticed  my coming in,» she asked the man. «I especially (4) want to hear the symphony of the young composer. Just open the door.»
«That’s the trouble, madam,» said the man. «If I (5) openthe door, half the audience will run out.»

11. Dear Sir,
I (1) am writing to inquire about an item wich (2) was lefton one of your buses on Monday, June 6 at about 6.30 p.m. When I got off I (3) realized that one of my suitcases (4)was missed. It was a dark brown leather suitcase with metallic handles. There were some important documents in it. If you (5) would find my suitcase, please, contact me on 661-499.
Yours faithfully, a passenger.

12. Noah Webster (1) has lived from 1758 to 1843. At the time of the American Revolution, he (2) teaches in New Yourk State. Before the war, Webster used textbooks from England. The war, however, ade it impossible for teachers to get British textbooks. To take the place of the British textbooks, Webster wrote his own textbook, The American Speller (1783). This book became enormusly popular. By 1883, the Merriam publishing compani (3) had sold  70 million copies of this book. Millions of children in the United States learned how to spell and pronounce words with Webster’s book. Noah Webster later (4) wrotethe first American dictionary. It contained 70,000 entries and it (5) would be the first dictionary to include American words as well as American spellings and pronunciations. He called it «An American Dictionary of the English Language». Webster in addition to creating a dictionary helped to create an American nation.

13. In 1859, a man by the name of Waterman S. Bodey (1)found gold in California. Shortly after, people began to pour into the area, and a town grew up near the spot where gold (2) would find. The people called the town Bodie. They preferred that spelling of Bodey’s  name. By the early 1880s, 10,000 people (3) live in the town; many of them were looking for gold. With so many gold seekers living there, Bodie became one of the wildest towns in the West. By the 1890s, however, people were leaving Bodie because the supply of gold (4) had run out. The town of bodie — what is left of it — now belongs to the state of California. It is a state historic park. Many visitors to the town consider Bodie to be an important historic monument. Yhey think the town helps them to understand the past. When people see the old luildings, they (5) have to imagine what life was like more than 100 years ago.

14. Scientists (1) had proved that people’s faces reflect their characters. Let’s take the example of identical twins, who not only (2) look alike but also behave in the similar way.

15. The London police were looking for a criminal who (1)robs a bank. One day thay caught him and (2) took him to prison. But while they (3) took photographs of him he suddenly attacked one of the policmemen and (4) runaway.

16. The trip was rather long. Finally the children (1) reached the King’s Place. Jack and Molly were lost in admiration of the beauty of the scene before them. The palace (2) stands in a big park through which a little river flowed sparkling in the sunlight. Along the central avenue that (3) led to the Palace, crowds of people (4) walk.

17. Lionel Messi was born in Argentina in 1987, but his family (1) comes from Italy. When Messi was five, he started to play football for a team in Argentina. He was a good player, but when he was 11, he was very small, and he (2) will need special hormones if he wanted to be bigger but his family (3) can’t to spend 900 dollars every month. His football club didn’t have money either because the Argentinean economy had big problems. But the bosses of FC Barcelona knew about his talent, and they wanted to give money to Messi if he (4) will play for FC Barcelona. So, Messi and his father started to live in Spain and he started to play for Barcelona’s junior teams, and soon he started to play for Barcelona’s first team and for Argentina too. For many people Lionel Messi is the best but he isn’t a big star. He is a team player. Some people say that he is from another galaxy and when he plays, nobody (5) canstop him.

18. I (1) am trying to learn Chinese for several months without much success. I had found it particulary difficult learning how to pronounce the words correctly. Then, one day, while I (2) was having lunch in cafe, a young Chinese woman came up to me and said: «I see you are reading a Chinese book. Would you like me to teach you some Chinese? In return you can help me with my English.» I said yes, and that’s how I learned how to speak Chinese fluently. Before I met her, I (3) hadn’t met a single Chinese person before. Now I live and work in Beijing and the woman from the cafe is my wife!

19. Paper is a common material that (1) has used throught the world. It (2) has made from various plants, such as rise and papyrus. Today wood (3) has been the cheif source of paper.

20. We (1) don’t eat all day, so we were really hungry when we arrived at the restaurant. The waiter showed us to our table immediately. At the next table, a couple (2) is complained to one of the waiters about their bill. From what I could make out, they thought that he (3) would overcharge them. I started to wonder why we (4) had decided to come here in the first place.

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