Monster is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa. It was published by Shogakukan in their Big Comic Original magazine between 1994 and 2001, with the chapters collected and reprinted into 18 tankōbon volumes. The story revolves around Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon living in Germany whose life enters turmoil after getting himself involved with Johan Liebert, one of his former patients, who is revealed to be a dangerous serial killer.

Recently i watched the anime adaptation of Monster. It was 74 episodes long. This was one of the best anime adaptations I have ever seen. Episode after episode you realize the agony Tenma is burdened with, in addition to the complex character development for Johan, Anna, and others.

The first few episodes were about Tenma’s life. He was a rising neurosurgeon star in the medical field in Germany. He was married to Director’s daughter. He dreams of being in a position to do his own researches, being financially secure.

It’s like his future was predetermined. But everything changed after he saved the life of a child who got shot to head. As the patient who came in ahead of the Mayor with a brain aneurysm, Tenma makes a crucial political ‘mistake’ to operate on the child—leaving the Mayor to die at the hands of less competent surgeons.

Because of his decision Tenma lost everything. He loses his secure future, his wife Eva, and in a moment of weakness, he pours his heart out to the child he saved. Speaking out loud, he wishes that the Director would be better off dead.

His prayers fall on the ears of the devil—and are answered.

It’s a ‘gift’ bestowed upon by the very child he saved, Johan, who just so happens to be a serial murderer. The death of the Hospital Director restores security for a prominent role for Tenma and his path to success is achieved.

Nine years after enjoying his success, Tenma discovered that his drunken thinking earned him that position. He inadvertently made a pact with the devil. The child, whose life he saved years ago became a serial killer and his pure decision as a doctor became one of the biggest mistakes of his life.



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