English Report

Hi, this is my report on English. Օur classes are organized four hours a week. During those four hours we did translation projects, read stories and discuss, watch English movies, etc.

During this year, we watched movies, read stories and disscused them, for example: The Last Night of the WorldMonsterThe Fun They Had
Watching these movies and reading these stories helped me understand English speech better.

We did a lot of vocabulary exercises, New words and exercisesNew wordsParts of SpeechPhrases With Make and Do, Classwork, Grammar Test, Grammar Test 2 Thanks to these exercises, I learned new words and improved my grammar level.

Due to the coronavirus, we have been classes online since March, here are my distance works:Phrases With Make and Do, Monster, Grammar Test,  Distance learning #2Distance laerning #3, Distance learning #4.
During the quarantine, I watched a lot of English movies and videos related to the coronavirus. I try to communicate in English while playing video games.

I wrote essays on various, interesting topics: 5 places to visit in ArmeniaDrugs Effect on Teenagers, How I Spent the Sumer.
Thanks to essays, my vocabulary has become richer, my syntax has improved, I can express my own thoughts

I also participated in translation project: Vocabulary on Nature .

I am waiting with great pleasure and hope that we can go to school in September, because our english lessons are so interesting.

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